Expanding Your Customer Base with Australian 1800 Numbers

For any small business, the mark of success is having a steady stream of paying customers all year round. Entrepreneurs like you are constantly in search of methods to expand your network and keep your customer base growing. One tried and tested tool used by both big and small enterprises to achieve this is Australian… Read More


What’s Free About 1800 Numbers?

Whether it’s on a billboard, a flyer, a website, or on the side of the van, everyone has had at least one encounter with an 1800 number. While most people refer to them as free call numbers, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at one point, ‘Are 1800 numbers really free?’ To answer that question, we… Read More


Market Your Brand with 1800 Numbers

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Short but Sweet Tips to Maximise Your 1800 Number

You are a business owner and for sure you’ve already got an 1800 number. By now, you’d already know how an 1800 number works for your business – gives you an image of being a national business; portability; easy to use; and the like. But not all folks know how to really maximise your 1800… Read More


Steps in Getting Your 1800 Number

By now, we now know that 1800 numbers are a great way to boost your business and add convenience for customers that are trying to get in touch with you. And since you’ve decided that 1800 numbers are just the thing for your business – it’s now time for you to choose. But what are… Read More